Automate Billing

Finally, a flexible billing solution to invoice policy holders, even if they have multiple policies with different effective and expiration dates. Combine policies on a single account for even more savings.

Equip Express© Billing

Utilizes components in the Equip Express© Rater to calculate and process billing requirements. Permits single policy billing, or the combination of two or more policies into a single account, making bills easy to understand by the insured.

Automatically assigns an account number, and establishes the account relationship in the policy processing system with your predetermined values, such as direct bill to the insured on a full-pay basis. These values are easily maintained in tables and can be modified by your accounting department.


  • Accommodates any combination of billing and payment plans
  • Combine two or more policies on a single account's bill
  • Provides the ability to split-bill a policy to two different people
  • Supports changing bill/payment frequency any time, even mid-term


  • Automatically send out renewal, amount due, and cancellation notices
  • Bills and notices are permanently archived as PDF documents
  • Integrates a search feature from the policy processing system
  • Interfaces to carrier's accounting or ledger software

Equip Express© Billing is flexible and managed with the appropriate authority rights by the accounting manager using the Administration tools. Billing information is passed to Equip Express© Inquiry for viewing of billing cycle information.