Accelerate Sales

Intuitive screens make it easy to place new business with your company. Agents can quote, re-rate, upload, print, and email completed applications directly to your underwriters.

Equip Express© Pricing

Provides quick and easy online access for your agents and staff to create, rate and view a quote, anytime, anywhere. Extensive use of carrier specific rates, edits, underwriting rules and pre-determined dropdown menu values allow for the selection of coverage and deductibles by users.


  • Minimal data entry needed to quote a risk
  • Automates manual, repetitive processes with intuitive workflows
  • Improves transaction turnaround time
  • Third party integration for address verification, geo-coding, and insurance-tovalue


  • Quote a policy in a matter of minutes
  • Carrier receives completed applications
  • Penetrate new markets and introduce products before the competition
  • Increase agent productivity
  • Foster true collaboration and ease of doing business

Equip Express© Pricing helps agents write better business faster. Agents have the flexibility to view, upload, print, and email the completed application to the underwriter.