Deliver Imaged Output & Printing

A paperless solution that only creates output when you need it. Forms, declaration pages, and bill notices can be authored in MS Word®. Or, simply import your own PDF document and start using it. Either way, you save on mailing costs.

Equip Express© Imaging and Printing

Dynamic, forms-based solution for the imaging and printing of insurance documents. The carrier is able to design and maintain its own forms, scan existing forms, or download predefined PDF forms from a third party vendor.


  • Customize your own documents for a unique look
  • Create templates which can easily be reused for other documents
  • Control who receives, or isn't sent, a copy of any document
  • Allows reprinting of documents exactly as they were first produced


  • Viewing and printing on demand or in bulk
  • Realize huge savings on assembly and postage
  • PDF images are permanently archived
  • Manual filing can be all but eliminated

Equip Express© Imaging and Printing is highly configurable, allowing for flexible sort orders so you can control the output sequence of documents to be printed. In addition, image only, print only, or both options can be independently configured as needed.