Simplify Rating

Introduce new products to market, and update existing rates with ease. Rating maintenance is easily performed by your existing staff with no need for computer programming knowledge.

Equip Express© Rater

Designed with an intuitive interface for use by non-technical staff to modify algorithms, maintain rates and introduce new products. Equip Express© Rater can be integrated with other policy processing and quoting systems. In addition, algorithms, rates, and tables can be imported and exported to MS Excel®.


  • Ability to integrate with existing policy or quoting system
  • Utilizes a table-driven database foundation
  • Allows maintenance of multiple versions of rates
  • Supports web-based changes to rates and algorithms


  • Enables immediate or scheduled deployment of rate changes
  • Permits testing of future rate increases
  • Ensures accurate rate calculations across your entire business
  • Eliminates dependence on IT staff for rate maintenance

Equip Express© Rater delivers rates and algorithms complete with premiums, class codes and other calculated entities unique to each line of business, through the use of web services and XML.