Write Better Risks

Build in your company’s business rules, and automate the underwriting process with consistency and accuracy. Flag questionable risks for underwriter review, green light the most basic risks, or do something in between. Streamline policy issuance with flexible, accurate rules.

Equip Express© Underwriting Rules

Configurable rule based underwriting system that supports underwriting discipline, streamlines processes, and enables the underwriter to concentrate on the most important risks.


  • Minimizes the need for manual reviews while ensuring consistency
  • Implement or change rules quickly to respond to market conditions
  • No programming necessary since rules are maintained by the underwriting department
  • Rules can be individualized or grouped to automatically categorize risks


  • Increased profitability with lower underwriting expenses
  • Faster underwriting of favorable risks
  • Questionable risks are flagged for underwriter intervention prior to issuance
  • Shorten the overall turn-around time from quote to issuance

Equip Express© Underwriting Rules reduce the time underwriters spend reviewing favorable risks which could be processed using predefined rules.